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Socio-Cultural Movements

Kudassanad is always standing for Unity besides the differences in religion, caste and creed.  In our schools and religious institutions, we are teaching our kids to love their beliefs and respect others.  We always wanted to grow our next generation with wider perspective about life and faith.  As everywhere, Kudassanad also faced some narrow minds efforts to make separation among people on the basis of religion, wealth and political beliefs.  Fortunately, the well educated and cultured society of Kudassanad overcomes such challenges and still standing together.

We love to see our children growing with all chances to flourish their talents.  We want to see them as the promises of future.  In these days of ‘over emphasized religious spirit’, to raise our children without having such low profile thoughts is a tough job.  Though, among the well cultured people, it’s not an issue.   However, we are trying our best to maintain the Unity among us. 

We have a library in Kudassanad junction along with many other school libraries and Private organizations libraries.  The reading habit is becoming less popular as everywhere.  But some individuals are trying in humble ways to increase good reading habits among children and grownups. 

Kudassanad N.S.S School ground is a meeting place for the youngsters of Kudassanad for sports and recreation activities like football, cricket and volleyball.

For long time, Kudassanad is running a “Baalajana Sakhyam” successfully.   Apart from this. Churches and temples running their own creative groups & Youth movements to support young talents.

Soon, we are planning to launch a campaign against “Premature Drinking” as consumption of liquor is becoming very popular among youngsters.

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