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Kudassanad in Internet

Kudassanad is becoming popular in Internet as many people from our village creating blogs and websites and mentioning Kudassanad.

Kudassanad in Wikipedia

Wikipedia – the largest source of online Information – also have a page dedicated for Kudassanad, which was created by Mr.Shine.Ravindra on August 2009.  See the Wikipedia Revision history here.   Our Blog getting information from Wikipedia, residents of Kudassanad and Govt. authorities.

Websites is an unofficial site but providing some good amount of Information about Kudassanad village.   This site maintaining by Mr.Kochukunju Joy, an NRI based in Germany.   But please note that, this domain/website is not official or no way related to any Govt. bodies.


KOSS Website is not functioning well. Though, KOSS got a blog which is mentioned under “Malayalam Blogs” as

Videos online

YouTube got some videos related to Kudassanad and talents of Kudassanad.  Most of the videos are related to St Stephens Orthodox Cathedral Perunnal and Thirumani Mangalam  Mahadevar Temple Ulsavam/Festival.  Though, we are having many cultural events every year, most of them are not uploaded into YouTube.

In Google Video also you can find same videos and some additional ones too

Malayalam Bloggers

There is some successful Malayalam bloggers belongs to Kudassanad.  As we don’t have a complete list, we are providing only what we noticed.  There could be more.  If you own a Malayalam blog and not listed here, please send to us the link. by Shibu by Shibu

His blog for the beginners become very successful and mentioned in many media. by Shine by Shine by Prasanth.R.Krishna (He is a Nano Technology Scientist) by KOSS (KUDASSANAD OVERSEAS SAUHRUDA SANGHAM)

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